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Project Financing

Putting together a properly structured project financing plan takes the right combination of people and expertise. This is true for small projects, for projects between $1,000,000 and $50,000,000, and for those projects that are even larger.

When Financing Is Unavailable Through Traditional Channels

When you need non-traditional solutions to finance your large project, turn to The Belmont Franklin Group. We offer a variety of solutions and will provide you with the assistance you need when traditional commercial channels aren’t suited to your circumstances.

Experience, Analysis, and Development

With experience at structuring large project financing and access to the funding you need, we analyze your project and determine the best route to bring you success. We consider your unique situation and structure the appropriate funding based on your projections, your current assets, your experience, and the unique features of your project.

Virtually Unlimited Funding Capacity

The Belmont Franklin Group brings many capital partners to the negotiation table in order to provide you with wide open funding possibilities. Our capacity is nearly limitless, so we can handle your million dollar project and your 100 million dollar project. With the right resources already in place, we are able to quickly bring funding to your large project.


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