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With Belmont There Is NO Competition!!!

  • Your Clients Can Pay Off Their Loan At Any time with a Discount! 
  • Your Clients Never Pay The Lender Fee Up Front 
  • Your Clients Can Obtain Additional Capital Every 45 Days (Refi Your Loan) 

The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan

With The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan, you not only receive an Advance, but you may add to The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan as you need too! The only Cash Advance that acts like a Line of Credit.  Our program is very simple, as long as you make all of your payments on time, you may add to The Belmont Flex Advantage every 30-45 days as needed for additional funding!


There is no need for stacking advances and getting yourself into debt with double and triple daily debits!



  • Add to The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan every 30-45 days!  (As long as you have not missed any payments and you have not stacked us with any other lenders we are happy to add to your existing advance)  This is The Belmont Advantage!  Most lenders require that you have paid 50-65% toward the payoff amount before they will consider giving you additional funds, which is why you are forced into obtaining/stacking additional advances.  
  • You can pay off The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan at any time without penalty.  In addition, receive a discount if you want to pay the Advance off early at any time during the loan!  This is The Belmont Advantage!   99% of the lenders will not offer you any type of pre-payment discount!   
  • The Belmont Flex Advantage Plan will never expire unless you want to pay it off!  This is The Belmont Advantage!  Concentrate on growing your business and taking it to the next level.  Why take hours and days searching where to go for funds when you need to expand your business?  Belmont is here for you when you need that capital!  We are just a call away!


 The Belmont Flex Advantange Plan Offers:

  • The Belmont Flex Advantage acts as a Line of Credit
  • 6 Month Term Loans with an Option to Refi every 30-45 Days
  • Pre-Payment Discount anytime you want to pay the Advance off
  • Advance up to $100k


  • 500 Credit Score
  • $5,000 Monthly in Deposits
  • 7 Deposits per Month
  • Less than 3 overdrafts per month
  • Daily/Weekly Approvals Depends on Daily Balances
  •     (If you have to start with a daily payment, once a relationship is built, we will place you on a weekly payment)


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